C L O U D ;
Sebelum Aku Bernikah .
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh . Salam Jumaat .
Lololol XP Semalam kan ada jualan buku PTS kat sekolah . Seperti biasa ,  kalau ada jualan buku pun , cuci-cuci mata jea . Tapi semalam pergi cuci mata dengan ulat buku , Fatihah & Syakirah . For sure la diorang nak beli buku . We found a lot of Islamic Books there ! Lepastu nak jugak beli buku semata-mata nak dapat paperbag PTS yang comell tu ^^

15 minutes later ...

Syakirah beli dua , Fatihah beli dua and Asmaa' beli satu . Then , saya yang bayar sebab nak dapatkan paperbag tu . Tapi , bukan rezeki saya :'(

Actually I've bought this : 

Em ayah ada tanya " kenapa beli buku macam ni ? buku orang tua la ni . "
My answer , " haha . buku orang tua eh ? takpela , persediaan masa depan . hehe . "
Ayah , " apalaa kakchik ni . takpela , persediaan masa depan . "
Sengih and sengih , " em ayah ambikla kalau nak baca . hehe . "

Sebelum Aku Bernikah .
Berusaha Mencapai Mampu .

" Dan kahwinkanlah orang bujang (lelaki dan perempuan) daripada kalangan kamu, dan orang yang soleh daripada hamba kamu, lelaki dan perempuan. Sekiranya mereka miskin, Allah akan memberikan kekayaan kepada mereka daripada limpah kurnia-Nya kerana Allah Maha Luas (rahmat-Nya dan limpah kurnia-Nya), lagi Maha Mengetahui."
Surah an-Nur, ayat 32.

Okayy byee . Hostel we gooo ! :)

Paperwork -,-
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Assalamualaikum . I'm back home , okey just for a day :'( And sebagai hadiah untuk a-day-break , banyak paperwork yang kena buad . Yang Band 6 semua kena pakai comp . Tak termasuk lagi yang kena tulis tangan . Semalam , although penat tak habis lagih terus buka lapt and start buad kerja . And for sure , kalau nak buad kerja , line buad hal -,- Kesabaran dah sampai tahap max .  

Finally got eye-bag and a tired-face lol o.o 

Math pun ada paperwork . Anyway Band 6 pulak tuh . 

 Next . Geografi . Report . Struggle . Tired . Line . Hate .
" Laporan mestilah asli dan tidak melebihi 300 patah kata. "

Act , tak rasa macam holiday langsung . Rasa macam a-day-break khusus untuk HOMEWORK .

Love Note for Sayangg :)
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Assalamualaikum .
Sayang, when others were enjoying their reward of success for their efforts, you were holding back your tears because you didn’t made it through like others, and when you can’t hold that tears behind you eyes anymore, you let the pearls down on your cheek, and I just saw again and again, that amazing wife of mine, with her upmost strength and courage.
Sayang, do you still remember the first time we look at the double line on the pregnancy kit and how I was jumping in disbelief and I keep checking on the kit every 2 seconds, afraid that it might dissapear? Since then you were carrying little Amani inside you and how our life was blessed since then for having her with us. Let us count on Allah’s blessings upon us.
Do you still remember the first time we went to the GP and when we first calculate the due date and we found out it was on the middle of the exam week and you were very worried about it? You were crying the moment we step out of the clinic as you were very worried for Amani and for your study. Then, when we discuss over the issue, your were very persistent on keep going with all the modules not wanting to defer. You have no idea how i was amazed with your determination to keep fighting for the best. For that strength and determination Allah has given you, let us count on Allah’s blessings upon us.
Do you still remember sayang, when you were having severe abdominal pain which they thought due to fibroid when we were doing our Paeds rotation in Kerry and that was the first time we heard Amani’s heart sound. I was stunned and I could feel my heart stop beating for that little seconds as it was a miracle to hear her heart beat for the first time. Subhanallah, the feeling was undescriable. She was so tiny, in fact she was as small as a lump at 6 weeks, but she was so adorable that abang kept her ultrasound photo in my paeds book and everytime I open the book, I just look at her first. Subhanallah, let us count on Allah’s blessings upon us.
Do you still remember, how much difficulty we had to go through in coping with the new situation when we were doing our first Paeds rotation in Kerry. We were thinking is this happening too fast? But never for one second I ever regret it. We were quite disorganize at that time, but still we managed to attend all of the hospital rotation regardless the complaints we had concerning false concerns over our poor attendence. We even recieved emails on advice to defer from exam, and Abang was getting email reminding not to let the situation affecting my study and my attendance to hospital. Alhamdulillah, with the help of Allah we managed to attend to our duty as a student and for that let us count on Allah’s blessings upon us.
Do you still remember how we were very worried of our Paeds clinical exam that carry so much marks and we were worried that we were not well prepared for that because of the new experience of being pregnant and not having much chance to study because you were suffering from the abdominal pain. Allah however has bestowed upon us His mercy with a very kind hearted consultant and registrar that was very kind and has had helped us a lot. Allah has made our exam very easy for us , really, so much easier and for that let us count on Allah’s blessings upon us.
Do you still remember sayang, how we used to rush and run to catch for the bus every morning to go to the hospital with your little bump? Abang will always smile the moment I think of the memory. Abang will always remember that sweet memories of us running every morning to catch for the bus because we were late. Though it was hard for you to run and you were gasping for air when we managed to reach for the bus, it was such a joy of having you and Amani in my life. Let us count on Allah’s blessings upon us.
Do you still remember that one day I let you catch the bus alone and you almost slipped of the pathway and nearly fall to the road with a coming bus on the other direction? I was very worried when you were telling me, though you were laughing and smiling like nothing happened and since then I never let you ride the bus alone as I’m worried you may have slipped off again. How thankful I am for Allah has always kept you and Amani safe and for that let us count on Allah’s blessings upon us.
Do you still remember sayang how many times did you collapsed in the hospital while doing your hospital rotations and everytime I got your phone call saying you just fainted, my heart and mind just could not keep still. Everytime I insisted to bring you back home to have a good rest, you will insisted to stay back because you don’t want to miss any tutorials and as much as I adore your perseverance, I was very worried for you. However, everytime I was worried, I just leave you and Amani in the care of the best Protector and it keeps me out of worried. Let us count on Allah’s blessings upon us.
Do you still remember sayang, how much you were complaining of back pain and discomfort for having to carry Amani for the last 9 months, and that pains seem to vanish all together, the moment I saw your most beautiful smile ever when you first felt Amani was kicking from inside. You were smiling from ear to ear and you seems to forget all the pain. Abang was so content to look at your smile. Let us count on Allah’s blessings upon us.

Do you still remember our sweetest memories of having our lunch box everyday in the hospital? How I miss that moment of ours so much. The Irish must have look at us with plain confusion while these two are sharing their plates. Allah has made the bestest plan since the beginning when we were placed in the same group for the whole rotation, so that I can spend my every moments with you and watch your back everytime you need me. Let us count on Allah’s blessings upon us.
Do you still remember when you cried everytime you woke up when you fell asleep while studying due to tiredness but you were worried that you haven’t read much for the exam because it was so hard for you to focus on books because of tiredness and constant pain you were having. You were blaming Abang for not waking you up but Abang really don’t want to wake you up, I just want to let you have a good rest because you really need it after long day at the hospital. Alhamdulillah, we managed to do well in all of our continous assessment and we never once fail in those exams. Let us count on Allah’s blessings upon us.
Do you still remember when we were told your amniotic fluid drop down in the middle of exam week and we had to go to the hospital every morning for CTG and ultrasound? Abang can still remember your unpleasant and shock look when your were told the news in the clinic. Alhamdulillah, for Allah mercy your amniotic fluid getting stable over days and we were left assured of Amani’s well being. Let us count on Allah’s blessings upon us.
Do you still remember the pain you had to went through and the sleepless night due to the false labour you were having before Amani came to this world. All the pain and hardships were worth it the moment you had Amani’s on your chest the moment she was born and you were pouring tears of happiness and syukur to Allah for the miracle. Amani is a miracle in our life. Let us count on Allah’s blessings upon us.
There’s so much more abang wants to write of our journey of having Amani and getting through the final year as a medical student. It was an adventorous journey for both of us, but abang cherish and missed every moments of it. It was just a wonderful experience.
In the end, the thing that matter most in the eyes of Allah is the journey that we went through, the patience, the courage and the endurance. It’s the climb as the song said. Whatever Allah has bestowed upon us were His never ending blessings and for that we shall always be grateful. Allah decided to delay your success as He miss your prayer and tears in the midst of the night and He wants you to be closer and closer to Him. For that we shall be thankful to Him for just given us the very best for our life.

Be glad that all of our friends and families are praying for us and may Allah rewards them for their kindness. We are blessed with wonderful friends around us that always looking after us and offering their warmest help and comfort in time of needs. For that we shall thank Allah for sending these people into our lives.
Keep up high. Don’t give up. Don’t be afraid of what might come tomorrow, we will sail through it together. May Allah reward every single good deeds we did for the sake of Allah. Abang and Amani are so proud of you for your courage, perseverance, strength and patience. may Allah give us patience and strength to enter His Jannatul Firdaus.
Abang and Amani love you very much, honey.
Lots of Love,
Abang & Amani
Artikel iluvislam.com

* Photo creadited : Sis Irma & Bro Redza :)

one of mine :)

Eid Celebration !
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Assalamualaikum :3 Khamis haritu Naim ada buad Raya's Celebration . Tahun lepas tk ada celebration pun . Sebab banyak request nak buad celebration , tahun ni bolehla celebrate . Tu pun , kawalan ketat siott -,-
  • hanya buju kurung sahaja dibenarkan
  • bertudung sekolah
  • berkasut sekolah
Alamak aii ! -,-

Cuba imagine , pakai baju kurung lawa-lawa tapi bila tengok bawah ...
kasut sekolah
Urghh . Pelik yang teramat .

Kami punya 'tag' .

Pororo kami yang comel :*
Exclusive hanya dari 2 Pintar Quran ;)

Lagi teruja bila Cikgu nak gantung Pororo kami nii kat tengah-tengah dewan . Comel jea ;) Tak sia-sia kami habiskan masa untuk buad benda ni . Almaklum la , dari kertas kecik-kecik nak tampal satu-satu , nak hasilkan collage Pororo yang lain dari yang lain nii . Semua teruja bila akhirnya Pororo dah siap !

Makan banyak sangat-sangat . Semua yang ada atas meja tuh telan je . Semua bawak makanan masing-masing . Budak asrama sponsor cocktail ^^ Pastu habis makan jalan-jalan dengan Aziera , Afifah and Arifa . Pusing-pusing satu dewan . Jumpa makanan lagih . Orang bagi , telan je . Dah takkesah kalau jadi makin 'comel' lepas ni . Haha . Yang penting , Seronokk !


Everybody's exciting face ><

Lots of fun with them .

Kenapa Nak Berubah ?
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Semua orang mengenalinya. Semua orang menghormatinya. Daripada Dekan sampailah ke makcik kafe. Berwajah bersih dan jernih membuatkan hati yang rawan menjadi tenang semula. Bertudung labuh menutupi aurat bertetapan dengan syariat Islam yang telah diajar oleh Nabi Muhammad. Biarlah orang mengutuknya kolot atau pun kekampungan. Biarlah mereka! Dia tidak kisah asalkan Allah sentiasa memujinya. Dialah seorang perempuan bernama Maslihah.
Petang itu, Ashraf terburu-buru pulang ke hostel. Pintu bilik B-21 diketuknya. Tidak lama kemudian, terjengul muka Bro Rahman yang basah.
“Ada apa, Ashraf?” Soal Bro Rahman hairan.
“Boleh saya masuk?” Ashraf meminta izin. Bro Rahman melebarkan pintu tanda mengalu-alukan kedatangan Ashraf.
Ashraf nampak sehelai sejadah sedang terbentang di sudut bilik. Jam dipandang.
“Sudah masuk waktu Asar. Kebetulan bro pun baru nak solat. Jom solat sekali.” Ajak Bro Rahman mesra.
Ashraf teragak-agak. Melihatkan Bro Rahman yang sedang menantinya, digagahkan juga kaki ke bilik air. Diambil wuduk sekadar yang diingat sahaja. Baru dia terperasan, sudah bertahun-tahun dia tidak mengambil wuduk. Wuduk pun tidak ambil apatah lagi untuk mendirikan solat.
Kemudian, Ashraf menghampiri Bro Rahman yang sudah sedia untuk mengimamkan solat. Dia berdiri belakang sedikit di sebelah kanan Bro Rahman. AllahuAkbar…
Selesai solat, Ashraf terus mengutarakan masalahnya yang dipendam sejak tadi. Duduk bersama-sama Bro Rahman, Ketua Unit Agama Islam, membuatkan dirinya terasa kerdil.
“Ashraf ada masalah apa?” Bro Rahman bertanya lembut. Wajah Ashraf ditatapnya. Siapa yang tidak kenal dengan Ashraf? Terkenal dengan kenakalannya di kolej itu.
Ashraf terdiam. Lidahnya terasa kelu tiba-tiba. Tetapi, digagahkan juga.
“Sebenarnya… saya nak jadi baik.” Akhirnya, Ashraf meluahkan masalahnya.
Bro Rahman terdiam. Dipandangnya Ashraf lama.
Ashraf menarik nafas dalam-dalam. “Saya nak jadi baik. Saya nak berubah. Saya janji saya akan tinggalkan perkara-perkara jahat yang saya pernah buat. Saya harap bro boleh tolong saya.”
Bro Rahman mengangguk faham. Faham dengan konflik yang melanda rohani anak muda di hadapannya itu.

“Ashraf nak berubah sebab perempuan?”
Soalan maut daripada Bro Rahman itu menyentak Ashraf. Perasaan segan mulai bertandang di hati. Namun, perlahan-lahan dia mengangguk.
Bro Rahman berdehem sedikit. Nampaknya, tujuan Ashraf perlu diperbetulkan. ”Sebelum tu, Ashraf tahu tak maksud baik tu apa?”
Ashraf memikir-mikir sejenak. “Hmm.. Bagi saya, maksud baik adalah apabila orang tu melaksanakan perintah Allah.”
Bro Rahman mengangguk. “Betul! Tapi, bro nak tanya Ashraf satu benda. Kita ambil contoh yang paling senang. Yang paling dekat dengan kita. Bagi Ashraf, kalau seorang lelaki tu solat lima waktu sehari semalam tapi bila masuk padang pakai seluar pendek sampai nampak kepala lutut itu dikira baik atau tak?”
Ashraf menggaru kepala. “Saya rasa tak.”
“Kenapa Ashraf rasa tak? Padahal dia solat penuh lima waktu?” Bro Rahman menduganya.
“Sebab dia masih tidak mengikut perintah Allah. Walaupun dia solat, tapi auratnya tak terjaga.” Ashraf menjawab dengan penuh yakin.
Bro Rahman mengiyakan. “Ashraf, sebelum kita nak berubah kita kena faham maksud baik itu. Adakah bila orang tu menunaikan kelima-lima rukun Islam tu dikira baik walhal dia bergaul bebas dengan jantina lain? Tak jugak, kan? Jadi, kalau Ashraf nak berubah, Ashraf kena berubah secara keseluruhannya.”
Ashraf hanya diam mendengar tutur bicara Bro Rahman yang lembut. Perlahan-lahan dia mula memahami maksud tersirat yang sedang dibicarakan.
“Allah ada sebut dalam Al-Quran, ‘Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Masuklah ke dalam Islam secara keseluruhan dan janganlah kamu mengikut langkah-langkah syaitan. Sungguh, ia musuh yang nyata bagimu.’ Yang ni ayat ke 208, Surah Al-Baqarah. Maksud di sini, Ashraf tak boleh laksanakan perintah Allah tapi sekerat jalan aje. Nak, buat. Kalau tak nak, Ashraf tinggalkan aje.”
Bro Rahman menepuk bahu anak muda yang menunduk di hadapannya itu. “Jangan risau, bro akan Bantu Ashraf, insya-Allah. Tapi, satu aje bro nak pesan.”
“Apa dia?” Ashraf bertanya.
“Ashraf kena berubah sebab Allah. Jangan sebab harta, wanita ataupun sesiapa sebab risau Ashraf akan berubah sekejap aje. Berubahlah kerana Dia dan bersyukurlah sebab Dia dah ketuk pintu hati Asyraf dan tebarkan hidayah pada Asyraf.”
Asyraf berasa sebak. Baru dia menyedari bahawa Allah amat menyayangi hamba-hambaNya walaupun hambaNya sudah berbuat zalim kepadaNya.
“Baliklah. Buat solat sunat taubat nasuha. Insya-Allah, Allah akan permudahkan urusan Asyraf dengan gadis itu. Asyraf jangan risau sebab Allah dah janji perempuan yang baik hanya untuk lelaki yang baik.”
Asyraf memeluk Bro Rahman erat. Air matanya tumpah juga di bahu lelaki itu.
Dua bulan kemudian, Asyraf memberanikan diri untuk berjumpa dengan gadis yang telah menambat hatinya itu. Dengan lafaz Bismillah, diluahkan keinginannya untuk menyunting gadis yang bernama Maslihah itu. Seminggu kemudian, dia mendapat kiriman SMS yang berbunyi: ‘Sesungguhnya Allah telah menciptakan wanita itu daripada tulang rusuk lelaki. Izinkan saya untuk menjadi pelengkap tulang rusukmu sehingga ke Jannah, insya-Allah.’
Tengah malam itu, air mata Asyraf tumpah lagi di atas sejadah. Kali ini di hadapan Allah Yang Maha Melihat.

The end .
Nice story found at iluvislam.com .
Hm , got to go . Nak pegi 30 Syawal's Open-House . Byee .

* Own picture except gamba Kak Dena kahwin :)

1st September :)
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Happy Birthday Ayah .

Ayah , selamat ulang tahun . Kakchik sayang ayah . Maafkan kakchik yang memang banyak buad salah kat ayah , yang selalu susahkan ayah , dan suruh ayah buad macam-macam .
Kakchik doakan ,Ayah akan panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki . May Allah blessed you Ayah . Insha Allah . I love you so so much :*

Err , kakchik tktau nak beli apa utk birthday present Ayah . Jadi kakchik beli ni jea :3

comell jea :3

sincerely , your daughter .

Shock !
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Assalamualaikum . Letih yg amatt -,- Inilah penangan Kem Pemantapan Sahsiah or KEPAS yg memang hebat segah namanya . Utk pengetahuan , KEPAS ni memang anually dijalankan oleh batch form-two samada berulang mahupun asrama bersama Naqibah-II di SMKA Naim Lilbanat sendiri .

Alhamdulillah , everything went smoothly . Although jadual fit sgt-II , sempat lg enjoy . Having nice three-days here . It's great !

Kami dapat benda nii tadi ! XD Comel , pink lagih :P

'Best' kot lagu tema KEPAS nih , sampai tertido masa nyanyi . 'Spirit' la katakan :)

Tadi masa tengah nyanyi lagu tema KEPAS tuh , Arifa tiba-II tiba-II tarik tangan saya then cakap ,

" Asma' cepat ! Kak thirah syahira datangg ! "

Huh ? Blur kejap . Nama tuh . Macam kenal sgt dgn nama tuh , tapi ....

" Cepat la Asmaa' ! "

Then , Arifa terus je tarik tangan saya kelua dewan .
And I found someone there ...

Patutla macam pernah denga nama tuh . My Ex-Naqibah , Nurul Athirah Syahira Abdul Aziz .

" Hm , hi ! "

" Hi , Asmaa' . Sihat ? "

" Macam biasa je . "

Oke , then saya senyum jea sebab tktau nak cakap apa lagi .

Terkejut . Terkejut yg teramatt :O

A few seconds then , saya kena masuk dewan balik sebab majlis dah nak mula :/

I don't know what to say . For sure , saya happy sebab dapat jumpa dia balik :)
Itulah Anugerah KEPAS :)

Hi , I from Pluto . My UFO was break down . My birth date 05/07/2090 . I just want to say behave with me because I have a pair screw driver as my hand XP


" Change with yours "


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date : NOW
at:10 am

>> beruk keluar tandas
date : 12/12/12
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>> cinderella arrived
date: 1/1/2190
at: 13.12pm


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  • Eid Celebration !
  • Kenapa Nak Berubah ?
  • 1st September :)
  • Shock !
  • Salam Syawal :)
  • Welcome Your Highness :)